The Timism Philosophy
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Timism's Ten Tenents
1.  Always try to share cheese and bread.
2.  Make sure your work is done and that you set up everything for your time of laziness.
3.  Do not disturb someone during their period of laziness unless ABSOLUTELY nessicary.
4.  Make sure to be happy no matter what, except if it involves hurting anothers.

5.  Always try and help when you can.
6.  The holidays do have rules, but make sure to have fun on that day, more then usual.

7.  Kitties are good.

8.  Do not ever steal bread of cheese from another, for immediate trial shall be enforced.
9. Make journey to Glory's bakery at least once in your life.
10.If you find someone that is depressed and you befriend them, you must do everything in your power to help them in any way possible, but only one person may help a person at a time.  If they wish to have another help them, they must dispronounce you, a huge dishonor

What is Timism?
  • Tim-ism is a religion that bases its ideas on laziness when its approriate.  
  • After your duties to yourself and others are done, you get all the things you want to enter your lazy state and do it.
  • It is also a plot to take over the world, which comes from the idea of spreading self multiplying mind control mapped from Tim's DNA, which makes him immune, it is dorment and does not effect everyday life, only impliments the ideas of Tim-ism

What is the importance of bread and cheese in Tim-ism?

  • Bread and cheese are the staple foods of Tim-ism, and are thought very highly of.

How does Tim plan to take over the world?

  • Tim plans to take the self multiplying agent and spread it through cats, who can resist a kitty anyways?

Major holidays:

Randeasy day (Dec 25)  The day where Tim-ism does not apply, you cannot be lazy on this day, you can only help people in every aspect.

Cheese day (May 10th-12th)  The days of the cheese festivals, all are invited to have a great cheesy time! 

Bread day (January 22st)  The day where you celebrate the goodness of bread.

     The current life is more of an idea of being happy for what is now while still being ready for the future.  and the afterlife is quite simple.  Heaven is a place where cheese and bread are everywhere, and you are truly happy all the time.  There is no hell
      Rewards given in life for good behavior are extremely expensive cheeses and breads.  These include cheese rolls and crakers, as well as the infamous cheese bread and pizza bread. Another way to get these wonderful rewards is to make sure that you remeber that you must offer once, and only once,  to share bread and cheese
        Tim-ism originates in ancientEegypt actually, when bread was made by the Jews, which was the first idea for it.
Glory's Bakery:
       Glory's bakery is the holy palace, where you must make a journey to once in your life.
       It is quite a journey, it happens when one reaches the age of 24. You carry a badge that says you are on the journey, and it lets you have help by any.  You have up to a year to finish the journy, if you don't finish it in that time, you are considered to be a child forever. This is awful because you do not have the right to kill that really annoying person, yeah you know who that is. That one person you just wish you could kill. Become a Tim-ism adult and you have a good chance to kill the person!  For all you journey seekers out there, here is the adress.
655 Aragona Blvd
United States
Virginia Beach, VA